Partial Solar Eclipse Observing at Fishcreek
Thursday 10/23/2014
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Update: Thursday 10/23/2014 at 4:07 PM

Do NOT drive on the grass field at Fishcreek for any reason!!!  It is FAR too soaked to support vehicles - you will get stuck in the mud FOR CERTAIN.  I'll be set up on the grass by the tree line.  I suggest others with equipment set up on the paved parking lot.


Update: Thursday 10/22/2014 at 6:39 AM

Today, the PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE will be visible from northeast Ohio

Starting today at ~5:43:20 PM, with the Sun 8 above the west-southwest horizon, the Moon will begin blocking the light from the Sun - it will begin as a small "bite" at the rightmost edge of the Sun and proceed leftwards and upwards across the Sun as the pair slowly set at 6:36 PM.  The westward view from our Fishcreek site is pretty good, but not perfect, so the show will end for us prior to actual sunset.  Still worth the effort to see since it's been quite a while since we've had a view of any solar eclipse whatsoever.

Here's how the eclipse will appear on 10/23/2014 at 6:12 PM with
the Sun at an altitude of 3 near the time we'll lose sight of it behind the trees
Image Credit: Guide9 software/Jessie

On Oct. 23, 2014, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from much of North America before sundown.
During the late afternoon of Oct. 23, 2014, a partial solar eclipse
will be visible from much of North America before sundown.
However, it is never safe to look at the sun with the naked eye.
Image Credit: NASA/Sinclair

Distance and apparent size of the Sun & Moon when the eclipse begins:

Sun: Distance: 0.9948509 AU = 148,827,576 km = 92,477,169 miles = 8.29 light-minutes
  Apparent size: 32.15 arcminutes in angular diameter


Distance: 0.00261119 AU = 390,629 km = 242,726 miles = 1.3 light-seconds
  Apparent size: 30.58 arcminutes in angular diameter

Assuming cooperative weather, we'll have both white-light and hydrogen-alpha solar telescopes set up for completely safe viewing of the eclipse.  There's currently a gigantic active region on the Sun that is nearly perfectly centered for this afternoon's eclipse to add to the excitement!

This is where our Stow group will be set up:

Fishcreek Elementary School
(large open field behind the back parking lot)
5080 Fishcreek Rd
Stow, Ohio  4422
Click here for map and directions

This is where the CMNH and various
Cleveland-area clubs will be set up:

Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Reservation
at Gordon Park
(off East 72nd St. and I-90)
Cleveland, OH
Click here for map and directions

The Cuyahoga Astronomical Association
Voinovich Bicentennial Park
East 9th Street Pier

Cleveland, OH
Click here for map and directions

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center
On the pier at Miller Road Park
(Lake Road at Miller Road)
Avon Lake, OH

Click here for map and directions

If clouds ruin the show for us locally,
we can watch the eclipse ONLINE
from two different locations.
see: Sky&Telescope's eclipse page


Other observing locations will be
added here as they're reported


Updates will be posted closer to the event regarding weather conditions and any special instructions.  Remember, DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN except with special solar viewing equipment that will be available here for you to safely view the eclipse.

If you want to watch from home, you need to read this NASA article:
How to Safely Watch the Eclipse



The detail provided on this page will let you know what's up in the sky today & tonight

New feature: The "T" on each object's line in the chart above indicates the time of transit in addition to the rise and set times for the object.

Sunrise:     7:43 am (EDT)
Sun transit:     1:10 pm (EDT)
Eclipse begins:     5:43:20 pm (EDT)
Sunset:     6:36 pm (EDT)
Civil Twilight:     7:01 pm (EDT)
Nautical Twilight:     7:33 pm (EDT)
Astronomical Twilight:     8:05 pm (EDT)
Moonrise:     7:21 am (EDT)
Moon transit:     1:02 pm (EDT)
Eclipse begins:     5:43:20 pm (EDT)
Moonset:     6:37 pm (EDT)
Moon phase:     0.0% (New Moon - eclipsing the Sun!

Visible satellite passes from the Fishcreek Observing Site tonight:


-2.4 mag pass at 8:28:35 PM


No passes visible tonight

Iridium Flares:

-7.7 mag pass of Iridium 45 at 8:13:48 PM



Live AccuWeather Satellite Mosaic

Jet Stream (updates automatically to latest available image)
    The Jet Stream affects astronomical "seeing" (steadiness of the air)
    If we're in a gray area, seeing will not be as good as in a white area.
    If we're in a white area, the shorter the arrows, the better.


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