Astronomical Observing at Fishcreek
Friday 12/27/2013
this page last updated: 8/3/2013 at 11:55 AM

We won't be having an event, but the detail provided
on this page will let you know what's up in the sky tonight

New feature: The "T" on each object's line in the chart above indicates the time of transit in addition to the rise and set times for the object.

Sunset:     5:05 pm (EST)
Civil Twilight:     5:35 pm (EST)
Nautical Twilight:     6:10 pm (EST)
Astronomical Twilight:     6:43 pm (EST)
Moonrise:     2:15 am (EST) - Dec 27
Moon transit:     7:49 am (EST) - Dec 27
Moonset:     1:18 pm (EST) - Dec 27
Moon phase:   26.4% (Waning Crescent)
Next Moon phase:   New on 1/2/2014 at 6:14am



Live AccuWeather Satellite Mosaic

Jet Stream (updates automatically to latest available image)
    The Jet Stream affects astronomical "seeing" (steadiness of the air)
    If we're in a gray area, seeing will not be as good as in a white area.
    If we're in a white area, the shorter the arrows, the better.


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